Corns & Calluses

Corns & Calluses


What is a corn or a callus?


A callus is a hardened, over grown piece of skin often found on the side of your foot, the heel or the end of your toes; just like the hard calluses that can form on your hands.

A corn is slightly different; it is usually in the softer area of the ball of your foot and is a hard cone of skin that has formed. It can easily be mistaken for a verruca and is often described as like walking with a stone in your shoe. 

What can I do to prevent them?

The main cause of hard skin is wearing shoes that are too tight or that pinch your feet. Equally wearing sandals or flip flops can cause your feet to harden at certain points. So wear sensible shoes that fit well, as much as you can. Look after your feet with frequent soaking and cream, you can use a foot file to keep on top of any hard skin that starts to form.  

Do I need to see a Chiropodist/Foot Health Practitioner?

Once a corn or callus has developed it is quite hard to do anything about it without seeing a professional. At Sandford Foot Clinic we have specialist drills with water sprays to effectively and comfortably remove the hard skin and corns. The water means there is less vibration too, so it is a cooling, soothing and more relaxing treatment. You will leave pain free with smooth and soft feet.  

What treatment do you recommend?

Our medi-pedi treatment will address any problems you have with your feet. Having a pedicure regularly will keep your feet soft and callus free. Contact us or call 01242 582877 to book an appointment. 

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