What's wrong with my feet?

We Treat

Cracked Heels

mans sore cracked heels

Cracked or dry heels can be significantly reduced in just one appointment. Find out how we can help you... 


holding a foot with a verruca

We will treat your verruca in a gentle and pain free . To read how we treat verruca’s, click here...

Ingrowing or Thickened Nails

chiropodist cutting ingrowing toenail

We specialise in gently and quickly treating ingrown nails or thickened nails. Click here to read how we do this... 

Corns & Calluses

We can remove corns and calluses allowing you to walk pain-free. If you suffer from these see how we can help you here...  

Fungal Infection

A fungal infection of the nail or skin can appear in many forms. We can diagnose and treat accordingly, find out more here...

Nail Reconstruction

If you’ve lost a nail from trauma or infection we can reconstruct it whilst it grows back. Read how the treatment works here...   

Common Foot Conditions

Whats wrong with my feet?

These are a selection of the most common foot problems we treat. However, these can vary greatly and present themselves in many different ways. If you are unsure of what is wrong, our team of Foot Health Practitioners will be able to diagnose and treat your feet.  

Just a refresh?

You may not have a specific problem, are your feet just a bit tired, dry and rough? If you would just like a medical pedicure that really goes the extra mile to trim, soften and smooth your feet then we will be very happy to see you. We’ve carefully selected the best products to use that are suitable for everyone and will restore the health of your feet. They are Podiatrist formulated and mainly vegan.

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