Cracked Heels

We Treat Cracked Heels

smooth summer feet in sandals

What are cracked heels?

Cracked heels happen when the skin on the heel of your foot becomes too dry and cracks under the pressure of walking on them. They can become sore and painful to walk on as well as looking unsightly in your summer sandals.  

What can I do at home?

Cracked heels can be helped by regular filing to remove the thick, dry skin that’s more likely to crack. Moisturising regularly once the skin is removed can help to keep heels softer too. 

Do I need to see a Chiropodist/Foot Health Practitioner?

Once the heels have built up with hard skin and cracked it is very hard to remove the hard skin at home. A home foot file will just not be as effective as the scalpel debridement techniques, water sprays and files that we have at Sandford Foot Clinic. 

There are lots of cracked heel creams on the market, but these will only be effective at preventing the heel cracking if the soft skin is maintained following a medi-pedi.  

What treatment do you recommend?

Our medical pedicure treatment will address any problems you have with your feet and is an affordable treatment - that works! Having a pedicure regularly will keep your feet soft and crack free. Contact us or call 01242 582877 to book an appointment.  

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