We Treat Verrucas


What are verrucas?

Verrucas can be tricky to identify sometimes as they can often look very different. There are many different strains of verruca which are part of the HPV virus. They are most commonly spread in warm moist conditions such as a swimming pool or shared bathroom. They can be very painful as they become more established.  

What can I do at home?

At home you really need to ensure that you do not spread the virus to other people by keeping the foot covered at all times. Ensuring that you dry your foot properly after washing will help reduce the moist atmosphere that the verruca enjoys. You may have tried home verruca kits, but these are not as effective as seeking treatment from a Chiropodist or Foot Health Practitioner.  

Do I need to see a Chiropodist/Foot Health Practitioner?

Your practitioner at Sandford Foot Clinic will expertly par down the skin around the verruca and painlessly drill out as much of the verruca as possible. We use pain free water spray drills to make it a very comfortable procedure. We use a selection of acids and skin tapes to cover the verruca, this controls the transport epidermal water loss and peels off after a couple of days, often pulling out part of the lesion painlessly. 

How long will it take for my verruca to go?

At your first appointment your practitioner will access the severity of your verruca and present you with a bespoke treatment plan to try and tackle the virus. Usually, verrucas require several visits to completely eradicate them. Contact us or call 01242 582877 to book an appointment.  

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